American philosopher Carl Sagan said that "when you're in love, you want to tell the world."

Some stories not only are delightful, they also are essential. Even remote stories—those that are distant in time and space—can tell us something about who we are. Even in those, we can see ourselves. Some stories warm our heart, some others feed our soul.

Angie loves art, philosophy and Star Wars. Siegfried is obsessed with the psychology of deception, literature and card tricks. Both of us find people deeply fascinating. These topics won’t cover the whole scope of this project, but they will definitely influence its direction—eclectic, bizarre, true tales.

The 21st century is a busy time and the internet is a cluttered place, so we'll keep these narratives short and sweet. Angie does the painting; Siegfried does the prose. Both of us are thrilled to share all this with you.

Angie is a Los Angeles-based visual artist, designer and muralist who likes to break out into spontaneous dance parties. Her work has been featured in galleries all over the U.S. and 13 of her creations—lucky number!—are in the permanent collection of the University of Kentucky Hospital. Angie also loves Kung Fu.


Siegfried is a sleight-of-hand artist and storyteller. Born and raised in Ecuador, he moved to Los Angeles in 2012. Siegfried has performed internationally, been part of film and television productions and collaborated with numerous artist and organizations, but his heart is in performing close-up magic in front of live audiences—always with his sleeves rolled up.